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What separates JAS from our competitors is that we bring to bear the experience of a cadre of professionals, mostly combat veterans, who have had successful careers at the highest levels of our military and have also served in the government and private sector.  Recent awards with the Department of Veterans Affairs (Homeless Veterans Program) The Perryville Battlefield Leadership Experience, and the Texas Education Agency (TEA), and the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities (TCDD) Advanced Leadership and Advocacy Training


Professional and Management Development Training

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Key offering to our trusted training partners


✔ Organizational and Individual Assessments tools

✔ Action Plan Implementation  

✔ Battlefield Leadership Experience

✔ Storytelling

✔ Interactive Training through Theater

✔ Curriculum Development 

✔ Keynote Speaker Engagements

✔ Workshop / Seminar coordination and set-up

✔ Commercial off the self leadership training programs

✔ Customized and tailored training programs

✔ Video evaluation and assessment toolset 

✔ Project coaching

✔ Train the Trainer / Mobile Training Team

✔ Leadership Development Training

✔ Advocacy Training

✔ Coaching (Individuals, Leaders, Executives)

✔ Team Building

✔ Workshop/Seminar Facilitation

✔ Destructive Behavior Training

✔ Domestic Violence & Suicide Intervention Interactive Training

✔ Trust Building

✔ Resiliency Training

✔ Lessons Learned Evaluation / After Action Review

✔ Best practices and evidence based solutions 

  • Johnson Brother team delivers 59 years of U.S military professional development leadership  experience

  • COL Fred Johnson (U.S. Army Retired) published author  Five Wars: A Soldier's Journey to Peace

  • LTC Ted Johnson (U.S. Army Retired) Texas Partners program manager, curriculum design, lead facilitator

  •  Network of military veteran, industry, and academic leadership subject matter experts serving on the JAS Advisory Board  

Our Experience:

  • Texas Partners in Policymaking-Advocacy Leadership Training for the Developmental Disabilities Community
  • Perryville Battlefield Leadership Experience
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Homeless Veterans Program 
  • Shakspear with Veterans

  • Motivational Interviewing Trans-Theoretical Model Program

  • Department of Veterans Affairs Key-Note Speaking Engagements

  • Destructive Behavior and Suicide Prevention Enagements 

  • Veteran Community Coaching Services